GDD – Where to find everything

Hello there.



GDD – This menu is for the main design document of my game, New Order. The document has been split into its fundamental parts and design choices/outcomes will be shown in their respective sections, making for an easy navigation through my document.

Feedback sessions – This menu is for the feedback sessions had with both tutor and peers. It will show how criticism has changed and influenced my design document.

Jam Workshops – This menu is for a reflection on the ‘JAM’ workshops we completed at the beginning of the academic year. They will show what outcomes were created during the workshops and how they have influenced my decision making and how I have approached my design document.


Sketchbook 1 – In this book you will find original research and ideation for my game idea. It includes notes, mind-maps, drawings and references to a pinterest board containing visuals to complement the ideation. (Images for this can be seen on my pinterest, username: jfworsfold, board: GDD Research)

Sketchbook 2 – In this book you will find character development, including the life drawing for inspiration, iterations of the characters and the research for their final outcomes.

Sketchbook 3A – In this part of the book you will find research and ideation for the level design. It includes how I chose the main mechanic and created playable levels of that including other game mechanics seen in other games. The level designs can be seen on a large scale in the ‘level design’ folders.

Sketchbook 3B – In this part of the book you will find the artwork for the level design. This includes life drawing from London areas and design choices taken from this. However, a large majority of artwork can be found in the folder of the memory stick named ‘Games Design Document’.

Supporting mood boards and assets can be found on the memory stick in the ‘GDD’ folder.